This web site is for demonstration purposes only. You may add items to your shopping cart and complete the ordering process. You will not be required to enter your credit card number or a valid billing and shipping address.

The shopping cart used for this web site uses only basic settings. Because of the extensive list of features offered through our shopping cart, it is impossible to demonstrate every possible option.

If you would like to see the email your customers receive after ordering (the email can be customized to your liking), be sure to enter a valid email address in the "Billing Information" section of the shopping cart.

When viewing the contents of your shopping cart, you can enter promo452 in the "Promotional Code" box. This will result in a 15% promotional discount. Order more than $100 worth of merchandise to receive a 10% volume discount.

The shipping options and rates presented in this demonstration order are downloaded in real-time, directly from UPS servers. Our shopping cart is integrated with all major carriers, which allows you to offer your customers UPS, USPS and FedEx shipping rates. You can also create your own custom shipping options based on order weight, subtotal, quantity or flat fee per item.